Service center business


As a product manger I had always believed in building products. Many times wonder why do people get into services at all (business,jobs..), especially when scalability and margins are known issues.

But today, when I visited a computer hardware service center, I realized that it an integral part of our life and there is a symbiotic relationship between the two 🙂


“Daddy…what do you do at office?”

This is the question that my 4 year old asks me often. Many time i used to dodge these questions by saying generic answers like 'I work', 'I work using a laptop', 'I write' etc., I know that he never understood the actual meaning of work and he pretends as if he understood what i said. 

Every time i get to answer such questions, i feel compelled to come out with a better answer next time. Even if i have to answer a grown-up, it is not about 'We prepare road maps, prioritize features, write requirements, product launch activities. These are just the means to achieve a 'purpose' and off late have been thinking about what is the purpose, why am i prioritizing features or writing requirements.

Recently, it just flashed across my mind that the right answer could be that "We as product manager solve Problems". Is that all? Is it that simple? Looks like it is that simple.

Let try the above with him the next time and see his reaction