Stay Focused – It is all about Focus, Honey – Part 1

Having touched upon how one can remain focused in my earlier post, let us look at how you product managers can enable organizations to stay focused.

Few days back i happen to visit my son’s (who is in his 3rd grade) school to get feedback about him and to collect his report card. When i saw in report, i was really shocked. Not that he had done anything bad…but the fact that his report card indicated that his performance was evaluated using about 36 parameters (yes, it was really thirty six parameters) which included various other things such as yoga, sports, punctuality, etc., in addition to usual subjects like Mathematics, Science etc.,

Let us just touch upon what was wrong. I assume that there must be at least about 30 students in his class, which means that the teacher will have to make about 30 x 36 judgments (which is about 1080). Is it humanly possible for the teacher to make such judgments. Even if she does, will it be possible for her to ascertain its accuracy? If her judgment is only going to be semi-accurate, then, in what way it is going to help the student or the parent to do any course correction. This is definitely not going to help the child. Suppose if she is only going to pass on her judgments only on 3 or 4 parameters, then it is very much possible that she can do justice for the student, parent as well to herself

Now let us move to the corporate world. In my experience, i can definitely state that the number of parameters that are used to judge the performance of the organization is humongous. May be 10 to 100 time more than what i had stated in my example above. There are performance parameters at each level – individual level, department level, business unit level and a t corporate level. And the most important thing is that many times the parameters are contradictory to each other. 

Given this, again the question is will monitoring all these parameters, help one in tracking the performance of the company and in turn will it enable the management to set direction/ course correction to be taken in the future. I have my own doubts.

Let me illustrate how we can stay focused by keeping the number of performance parameters even in a complex situation.

For that you will have to wait until my next post.

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