Do You Really Need a Deadline? | Edge of Chaos | Agile Development Blog

Nice post from the targetprocess guys.

Many times i used to wonder what are we up against in most of the products that i had handled, especially if there are no external commitments (such as marketing events, conferences etc.,)

What if i do not make a release today and instead make it tomorrow. Things are not going to break loose and heaven is not going to come down. It is just that if i make the release today, in someones status report (i meant my boss, boss’s boss and so on) it will look nice.

But at the end, no one bother to very the real metric… ie Revenue / Profit / Market Share etc., did it went up / down.

Pretty sad that we still race against time to meet some deadline. At the end, the question is do you have a choice.

But then very ‘choice’ is upto you and you only. It is you who have to decide on the ‘choice’

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